Friday, 18 May 2012


Character turnarounds that I whipped up quickly while I finished redesigning my main character:

Flowers that I made for one of the scenes in my film. Made from organza, with beading detail:

After turning the rostrum light on:

Trees I made ages ago, but never bothered to show until now. Constructed from painted card:

Bluebells I cut out using a pair of child's safety scissors to give them a textured edge:

A tub filled with yet more flowers. Made from strips of fabric (I found an online tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers, and I had to try it out):

Flowers AGAIN. Do you think maybe I have enough flowers now?! Made from felt and buttons this time:

Wheeeee! Life drawing!

It was really sunny when I went drawing in the Meadows two months ago. In Edinburgh, as soon as there's a hint of sun, all sorts of people gather there: hipsters; students; hipster students; junkies; hippies; junkie hippies; etc. Since that brief period of sun, Edinburgh has reverted back to being windy, and rainy. And a couple of days ago it actually snowed. Anyway:

And lastly something which I have dubbed the 'bringer of death.' It kind of looks like a Lying Figure from Silent Hill 2, and I almost had a heart attack when I saw it at the top of the stairs leading to the studio...  You have to click on the picture to see just how horrific it is.

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  1. Aaaaaaw ! The charadesigns and the trees look so good !