Thursday, 3 May 2012

Seagulls are crying right now

This post will be quite image heavy with stuff that I've gotten up to before, during, and after typing up a case study. Here are some drawings of some backgrounds - I knocked them up quickly so I could see how green everything would look: 

(I've been trying to recreate the textured edges in my set pieces)

A cat puppet I made for the film. I made the head using instructions from an online video on how to make a muppet-like puppet.

It can open and close its mouth.

It also has a body!

Design for my character's handifcraft wings:

Experimenting with some coloured sand and glue to produce soil-y stuff.

Doodles of random things:

OH! Aaaaand I redesigned my character. The puppet I made with the older design wasn't very good. I couldn't manipulate it as well as I would have liked. This new one should be better. 

The arms and legs are no longer bare.

The character has a bulb-shaped hood and a dress like a bluebell.

Some fabric flowers and leaves I made (again using an online tutorial) for one of the scenes:

A bum grape:

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  1. ok, now that I've read it all I see it's a new puppet. I'm am stupid.