Sunday, 12 August 2012

Not dead!

Long time, no update - I was slaving away on my film for the final hand-in a few days ago. And I'm still slaving away, because the film's not finished yet (so this will have to be a quick update)!

The Edinburgh College of Art's postgraduate degree show will be running from the 18th of this month to the 26th, 10am - 5pm. It'll be held in the Evolution House, right next to the ECA's main building. So if you find yourself in Edinburgh around that time - perhaps if you're there for the fringe - feel free to pop in. My wee space is on the 4th floor. Here's a sneak preview:

And now back to work!


  1. hi, you know this still that you put here, and it's supposed to be a postcard, I just thought, if possible, it would be cool to make a small animated gif of just that still image, but make the little sparkling dust shimmer. That would look magical. If you can be bothered.

  2. This looks amazing, Finn! So upset I can't see it in reality :(