Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'm so bad at updating my blog...

Last month, or something like that, I moved down to London to start a new job and that's pretty much where most of my time goes. Not that I regret it - I love my job, boss (please continue to give me money)!  :P
Now what I DON'T love is blowing black funk out of my nose. This seems a frequent/common occurrence here. I also have mixed feelings about the Underground. I like trains, but I dislike being wedged under someone's armpit during rush hour (when they're holding onto the overhead handrail), and standing next to people who smell like crap...  Plus, the trains are basically festering cesspools of disease - but apart from that, they're alright!

In other news, I practiced colouring with some textured brushes the other day.

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