Friday, 2 March 2012

Many images

I started sewing these up last night, from the pattern I drew. Finished them in the studio before I evacuated the premises due to cold, and a fly. There's always a big, black fly in the studio, buzzing around clumsily and almost butting into me. I detest big, black flies like I detest most other insects. The only insects I tolerate are butterflies and ladybirds, but even then, I wouldn't want one on me.

The kingfisher puppet is nearing completion. His legs are a bit chunkier than I would have liked:

The feather detailing makes it look a bit like a parrot...

Neil, the animation department's technician, helpfully carved and sanded the kingfisher's head from some balsa wood for me. Isn't it so luxuriously smooth and beautiful? A tiny, naked baby could slide down it and not get a splinter!

It also has a lower mandible (which will be fixed on later):

Spent the past few hours sewing the pattern into the underside of the wing, and then sewing the pieces of the underside and outer side together:

Wings turned inside out:


  1. The bird looks lovely! i love the feather detail...

  2. I'd love to see the finished result. I'm looking for a way to buy or make a kingfisher puppet to help promote my new book series Myra and the Magic Motorcycle,

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Sorry to get back to you kind of late! I just posted a picture of the finished puppet here -