Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Life drawings, yo.

I was looking through all the stuff I've done in the past few months (stuff that's not my film), and there's quite a lot of it. So I figure I should put some of it on my blog, to show that I'm not just staring into the distance with my mouth open when I'm not doing film work. To start off with, here is:

(I drew this in life drawing class, during the model's break)

I left out some of the drawings that were just scribbles, which were mostly the 1 to 5 minute ones... And just to clarify - these are naked life drawings, so there are a few willies in my pictures. You have been warned, children.

Sometimes when I get bored drawing naked people, I like to make stuff (maybe stories) up. For example, this man is dreaming about the sky, and trees. He is resting on a marshmallow cloud, and sleeping with his schlong out:

 (Also, his arm is not really connected to his body)

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