Monday, 21 November 2011

Bristol encounters

Went to Bristol for a few days to attend the Encounters Festival. Saw so many inspiring animations, and came away with a few ideas. Particularly enjoyed Playing Ghost (by Bianca Ansems), and The Maker (by Christopher Kezelos). 

Also did a few drawings while I was there - mostly of strangers, but some are of Richard lazing around in the hotel (a frequent sight) :P

And then we drew random things for fun. Richard helpfully outlined all of these in black for me, but only after he made me outline all of his drawings (which he may put up online, eventually)... :L

Then came the main characters from Gundam Wing: Trowa Barton/ Duo Maxell/ Heero Yuy/ Quatre Raberba Winner/ Wufei Chang. I don't really like Wufei.

It was a good trip! :D

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