Monday, 14 February 2011

Guess what day it is today!

That's right, it's Monday.
It's Monday morning to be precise.
It's 03:15 in the morning to be even more precise.
Why the hell am I still up?

To answer my own question, I was drawing up until now.
Drawing so enthusiastically that I broke my graphite pencil in half *weep*
You can see the pieces next to the fruits of my labour which is being held down by my make-shift paperweight (iphone).
I'll scan the image in due time.

This is a random photo(that I stumbled upon while uploading photos onto my laptop) of the duvet cover my mother crocheted for me last year (for my birthday). 
She actually went so far as to put my initials in it. Only the trained eye can see it though :P

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